by Breakthrough Golf
Breakthrough Golf

Breakthrough Golf

Whether on the golf course, in the hall way of your office,
or in the training room the Breakthrough golf coaching process
enables the client to rapidly identify and interrupt
the patterns of thought and behavior that undermine performance.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

The Mentally agile and resilient leader rises above any circumstance
and takes command over the situation with clarity and compassion.

Elite Team Performance

Elite Team Performance

High performing teams pride themselves in the velocity of converting breakdowns into breakthroughs.
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Starquest helps leaders, families and teams experience breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. We help you to optimize your strengths, turn obstacles into opportunities and live more joyous lives.
Turning Triggered States into Treasured Moments.
Some of our Clients Have Included

“It has been several years since the staff from Starquest worked intensively with our entire company. I am thrilled to report that their work has legs beyond the initial infusion. We have found that the teambuilding process does not dilute, it stays relevant and works at higher impact levels as time goes on.”

Dick Bauman — CEO Michigan Instrumentation and Controls

“Nikki Nemerouf and Starquest’s Building High Performance teams Program have been instrumental in helping sustain the culture of our company. The information learned is foundational for individual growth and greatly impacts team communications. The benefit has been so obvious that we have made this training mandatory for all new hires.”

CV Bell — Former Director of HR at Red Mountain

“Our work with Starquest began about seven years ago. Since that time we have seen exponential growth year after year. We have accelerated our rate of converting breakdowns into breakthroughs and our atmosphere is consistently high spirited, mutually supportive, and productive. We view our partnership with Starquest as vital to our continued growth.”

Robyn Donahue — CEO Intellisource Staffing Services

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