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Capabilities and Experience
Starquest is a leadership and performance coaching organization that creates life changing opportunities for leaders, teams, and families by leveraging a specialized approach (The Core Model) to rapidly identify behavioral patterns that create personal and professional barriers; provide the tools and ideas to over come them; and to embrace a profound sense of change that allows people to transform their lives and relationships. 

We have directly helped over 7,000 CEOs, business owners and other high-level leaders to maximize their effectiveness and minimize negative effects of high-stress and communication breakdowns in their organizations.

“Burton & Nikki, I am so grateful for the way you opened my mind and for your exceptional empathy and goodness.”

Dr. Bob Franza
Former CEO of Seattle Science Foundation

“During my 25 years at SCE I have attended hundreds of professional development seminars. The tools Starquest brought to our organization , especially in the areas of helping managers recover quickly from triggered states, is unparalleled.”

David Mead
Retire Senior Vice President
Southern California Edison

“I have been in leadership positions for the past 30 years and attended graduate programs at Harvard and Standford Universities. The Starquest Leadership Model and their approach to coaching will transform the possibilities of leadership.”

Rober Holmes
Former CEO of Seattle Science Foundation

Scientist meets therapist and together they formed a friendship and an enduring business partnership that has lasted 20 years and counting…