A Catalyst for Breakthroughs

Who We Are

A Catalyst for Breakthroughs

Who We Are

by Breakthrough Golf

How We Work

We are a catalyst for breakthroughs in thinking, performance, and relationships. The Starquest team engages people quickly and with rapid and penetrating insight enabling accelerated breakthroughs in performance and relationships.


We serve as a bridge to translate the intellectual wisdom gained through literature on leadership and personal growth to hands on practical application. What was once a good idea becomes a way of life.

Starquest is a leadership and performance coaching organization that creates life changing opportunities for leaders, teams, and families by leveraging a specialized approach (The Core Model) to rapidly identify behavioral patterns that create personal and professional barriers; provide the tools and ideas to over come them; and to embrace a profound sense of change that allows people to transform their lives and relationships. 

We have directly helped over 7,000 CEOs, business owners and other high-level leaders to maximize their effectiveness and minimize negative effects of high-stress and communication breakdowns in their organizations.

70+ Years

Together the Starquest Team brings more than 70 years of wisdom and professional experience drawn from the fields of psychology, human development, leadership,neuroscience, physics, and business into seminars and coaching services that provide actionable insights and practical behaviors enabling leaders , their teams, and families to:

  • Rapidly recover from triggered states
  • Build emotionally intelligent skills
  • Rise above any circumstance and take command of situations