Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams

by Breakthrough Golf

Imagine a team where all members align behind a compelling vision. A team where accelerated learning, innovation, and the ability to rapidly and effectively respond to change is the norm.

Do you want to compete against that company or be that company?

We believe that developing high performance teams is a process not an event. We have successfully converted the principle characteristics of high performing teams into specific practices including:

  • Disciplined and Aligned Focus.
  • Building a feedback rich environment.
  • Cultivating an ownership mindset.
  • Building team resilience.

“It has been several years since the staff from Starquest worked intensively with our entire company. I am thrilled to report that their work has legs beyond the initial infusion. We have found that the teambuilding process does not dilute, it stays relevant and works at higher impact levels as time goes on.”

Dick Bauman — CEO Michigan Instrumentation and Controls