Transform Triggered States

Breakthrough Golf

Transform Triggered States

Breakthrough Golf

by Breakthrough Golf
One of our specialties is the ability to quickly identify patterns of thought (old mental software) that generate patterns of behavior that interfere with one’s potential. These patterns often exist in one’s blind spot not visible to the naked eye. During the breakthrough golf experience within moments rather than months these patterns can be identified.
Whether on the golf course, in the hall way of your office, or in the training room the Breakthrough golf coaching process enables the client to rapidly view The patterns of thought and behavior that undermine performance.


Using the process of putting golf balls toward a target or hitting drives, irons, and wedges on the course, our clients are guided to:

  • Re-invent their relationship to mistakes such that learning accelerates.
  • Acquire the ability to be more “present” in the moment.
  • Learn how to use the Intention tool to enhance performance, communication, and relationships.
  • Rapidly transform triggered states

Beyond the program

Starquest is a leadership and performance coaching organization that creates life changing opportunities for leaders, teams, and families by leveraging a specialized approach (The Core Model) to rapidly identify behavioral patterns that create personal and professional barriers; provide the tools and ideas to over come them; and to embrace a profound sense of change that allows people to transform their lives and relationships. 

We have directly helped over 7,000 CEOs, business owners and other high-level leaders to maximize their effectiveness and minimize negative effects of high-stress and communication breakdowns in their organizations.

Following the Breakthrough Golf process which could be anywhere from 1 hr. in your office, a three hour Teambuilding Process, or a nine hole playing session at Hacienda Golf Club, each client will be given a customized mental fitness program to strengthen the skills learned during the coaching process.

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