The Leadership Model

The Leadership Model

by Breakthrough Golf

The Starquest Leadership Model offers the following principles:

  • It is infinitely more effective to influence one’s focus than to attempt to manage behavior.
  • In order to consistently influence the mindset of others a leader must demonstrate a track record of being able to shift their own mindsets.
  • An effective leader generates a compelling vision, mission, or intentions (focusing statements) that mobilizes aligned action.
  • To the extent that a leader’s demonstrated behavior is consistent with their stated values is to the degree that trust is generated.
  • An empowering leader creates a feedback rich environment inspiring employees to reinvent their relationships to mistakes.
  • Effective leaders are able to effectively manage their mental and emotional states.
  • A leader’s transparency (authenticity) is a fundamental ingredient in generating an atmosphere of trust, empowerment, and dialogue.
  • Empowering leaders have the ability to leverage their Unique Gifts in the service of others and are able to recognize and utilize the gifts of others to fulfill their vision.

Our programs and coaching processes convert these attributes into individualized practices.