The Extraordinary Performance Tele-Seminar

The Extraordinary Performance Tele-Seminar

by Breakthrough Golf

Rapidly changing business and economic climates demand that effective leaders and their teams be mentally agile, resilient and focused. Mentally agile individuals are able to rapidly convert obstacles into opportunities that further growth.

The most significant obstacles that leaders and teams face today are triggered states. When triggered people are prevented from accessing the parts of the brain that can generate innovation, collaboration, agility and gain wisdom from feedback, and generate healthy dialogue.

Delivered over the telephone using four weekly telephone coaching sessions or on site for companies in Seattle, We provide leaders and their teams with transformational concepts and tools that can be immediately applied inside their lives.

Through a series of coaching conversation, and memorable content, each participant will walk away with an individualized set of tools to:

  • Practice the art of Disciplined Focus
  • Rapidly convert mistakes into actionable insights
  • Increasing the velocity of recovery from Triggered States
  • Incorporate the E Factor into your daily life

Each of our seminars takes state of the art leadership development concepts and translates into specific skills that can be strengthened through consistent practice. What seems like a good idea becomes a way of life.

I told my business coach at the beginning of the year that until I could master my emotional reactive state all of the leadership tools, post graduate classes, and business strategies would be rendered somewhat useless. 

At one point during our seminar with Starquest I looked around the room at my fellow CEOs. The usual snickering and side bars were non existent. We were each captivated by what we were to agree upon later, was a life altering experience. 

When I got home there was a letter in the mail from my ex wife which immediately sent me into a “triggered state”. Prior to the seminar my anger and resentment would have lasted well into the night, adversely affected my relationship with my current wife, and would have left me somewhat “hung over” the next few days at work. 

I went into the study and closed the door. I took out the card Nikki gave me from the workshop and diligently went through each of the steps. By the time I was done with the process I had successfully transformed my mental and emotional state. 

I was amazed by the simplicity and how well what he shared fit together. He helped integrate all of the diverse concepts and tools I had read about into a easy to comprehend and utilize format.

George Baker, 
CEO Baker Electric