The Core Model

The Core Model

by Breakthrough Golf

The Starquest team has pioneered a model for understanding human behavior and motivation entitled The Core Model.

“what makes you tick and what ticks you off”.

Key Principles include:
  • There are two sources of motivation that drive human beings rooted in different parts of the brain giving rise to two distinct states of being, perceiving, and behaving.
  • A real, imagined, or anticipated loss of any kind will trigger the autoprotective state preventing access to the part of the brain involved in creative thinking, collaboration, and well being.
  • A trigger will drive automatic pre programmed thoughts, feelings, and behaviors called coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms, while driven for self protection, actually serve to undermine performance, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Behind the walls of our self protection lies the Unique Gift that each person brings to other people and projects.
  • A drive for active mastery, an exploration for meaning and purpose, and the desire to be the fullest expression of our unique gifts is referred to as the Authentic State.
  • Old behavior patterns are difficult to change however they can be interrupted with the right tools.

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. By practicing the “trigger recovery process” and the “disciplined focusing” tools individuals, teams, and family members can learn to live productive, meaningful, and happy lives.